My Approach

My approach is to provide a safe place for you to be who you are.  No masks, no agendas. We explore, experience and reflect with freedom that you don’t allow yourself in other places, or simply don’t make time for anywhere else.

My role is to ‘see’, challenge and support you. When you feel seen clearly and someone reflects what they see, you can grow to see yourself more clearly. When you are challenged on the ways you unintentionally keep yourself stuck, you are free to change your patterns. When you are supported with skill and care, you find courage to take new steps.

Psychotherapy can help you become more at home with your own feelings, so you can guide yourself with greater clarity and awareness.


I am fully committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. No information will be communicated, either written or verbal, to any third party without your expressed and written consent. There are legal limits to your confidentiality that I will discuss with you during our first session.